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Recapping Cyber Security Awareness Month

Cyber Security –Are You Protected?


October was Cyber Security Awareness month, however awareness is a daily necessity. Think you are not worthy of being an online predator’s target? Think again! Your identity, financial data and what is in your e-mail are all valuable – both personal and company. Cyber criminals cast a wide net to get to unsuspecting people who think they wouldn’t be a likely target.

Here’s a few helpful tips to keep in mind.

·        Create a strong password. Did you know the most common password is “password” followed by a number?  According to Microsoft statistics, nearly 1,287 password attacks occur every second and other reports reflect 84% of internet users admit to reusing passwords.

o  Make your password long, at least 15 characters(with multiple characters sets – letter, numbers, and special characters). 

o  Password should be Unique – never used anywhere else even for your personal accounts.

o  Randomly generated, ideally by a password manager

o  Never save/store them in a non-secure manner(Word Documents, Excel Files, Text files). 

o  Change your passwords on a regular basis. Shorter and weaker passwords should be changed more often and ideally made stronger and longer.


·        Multifactor Authentication. Two Factor Authentication, Multifactor Authentication, Two-step Authentication, MFA, 2FA,etc. – they all mean the same thing. Opting to add an extra step to validate you are who you say you are. There are 3 accepted “factors” shown below. The second step, or factor, is a lot harder for the bad guys to compromise.


o  You are likely to see prompts for this all over– workplaces, financial services, social media, and online stores. Take a few minutes to identify the websites you use that aren’t MFA-enabled. Do they permit opt-in and if so, enable it. If they don’t permit MFA you should reconsider using that site / service.


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