Since 1986, IB&M has been a leader in providing bond solutions to the trade community. IB&M’s focus is to offer the best underwriting solution, making sure it is competitively priced in the marketplace; all while providing attentive, professional, and proactive customer service.

Customs Bonds

Nearly every international import shipment requires a bond on file with Customs and Border Protection. Our business is understanding risk and asking the right questions to determine exposure. As one of the oldest managing general underwriters of customs bonds, International Bond & Marine has the experience and financial strength to provide creative solutions for even the most difficult risks.

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ATA Carnet Bonds

As more countries allow ATA carnets for temporary import of goods, their use is on the rise. IB&M provides fast, high limit underwriting Carnet Bond approvals that get our customers well on their way towards moving cargo freely around the world.

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Ocean Transportation Intermediary Bonds

As an Ocean Transportation Intermediary, one of the licensing requirements is to insure financial guarantee via a bond through an approved surety company. Our long-standing relationship with the FMC allows us to seamlessly manage your bond from beginning to end.

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BMC 84 – Domestic Property Brokers Bonds

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) mandates that all property brokers and domestic freight forwarders register with the agency and secure a bond for $75,000. To avoid penalties and remain compliant, apply today for your BMC-84 with IB&M. To learn more about how to apply for the BMC-84, click the link below.

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DOT Bonds

Vehicles imported into the United States must meet the emissions and safety requirements of the Department of Transportation. A bond must be posted to ensure this required process is carried out in compliance with federal law. IB&M is a leading underwriter of DOT bonds for vehicle conversions.

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Specialty Bonds

Moving beyond the most popular types of bonds, there are very specialized bonds for services, commodities or situations. Whether covering warehouse proprietors, military transport forwarders or other niche transactions, IB&M writes more than a dozen additional types of transportation bonds.

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