Technology, resources and training help logistics companies improve operations and generate additional revenue.

IB&M’s Bond Catalyst provides a platform for clients to operate their business efficiently while finding revenue in a tight economic climate. Our training and marketing materials make it easy for logistics providers to promote bonds and insurance.

Bond Catalyst

Introducing the future of eBond management, Bond Catalyst. Bond Catalyst will revolutionize how Customs brokers manage their continuous and single transaction bond filing requirements in ACE. Built to scale for Customs brokerage operations of all sizes, Bond Catalyst gives administrators granular control over their users. Users get tools that allow them to quickly complete and submit bonds for approval. Bond Catalyst delivers the most powerful reporting and compliance tools to manage the bond portion of your Customs brokerage operation.

With Bond Catalyst, the bond is only the beginning.

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ABI Integration

ABI integration eliminates the productivity drag of users leaving their brokerage software to complete and file an eBond. Our integrations with major ABI vendors allow users to complete the bond from within their existing software, keeping entry writers on task and within a single operational environment.

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Marine Express

Quoting and attaching cargo insurance to shipments has never been easier. Marine Express allows users to quote on single shipments or create an open cargo policy specifically for a shipper and their supply chain. It was built for logistics companies to quickly insure shipments, file claims and track profitability.

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Sales Support

The best salespeople understand the products they are selling and have tools to succeed. IB&M is committed to helping clients understand and promote bonds and insurance. We teach, we coach and we provide materials that empower companies to deepen customer relationships and raise average revenue per transaction.

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