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IB&M Looks North as Canada Moves to Exclusively Electronic Bonds

Starting in May 2022, the CBSA will be moving to an electronic bond posting system—similar to the existing US system—and the key change will be that all Canadian importers will be required at that time to post their own bond, rather than the common practice of using their customs broker’s bond. In order to prepare for this shift, Intact Insurance Company, in collaboration with IB&M, is pleased to outline how we have and will continue to provide surety bonds to all importers doing business in Canada in 2022 and beyond.   

Intact is fully supportive of the CBSA’s initiative to allow electronic filing of RPP bonds and will continue their role as an industry leader in adopting electronic RPP bonds as soon as the CBSA finalizes the procedure. 

Through this collaboration with Intact, IB&M will now be able to provide the following Canadian bond types through Intact's on-line bond portal:


  • RPP Bond
  • Bonded Air Carrier Bond
  • Non-Resident GST Bond
  • Bonded Warehouse Bond
  • Highway Carrier Bond
  • Bonded Sufferance Warehouse Bond
  • Bonded Freight Forward Carrier Bond
  • Temporary Importation of Goods Bond
  • Bonded Marine Carrier Bond
  • Carnet Bond

 Why Consider IB&M & Intact for your Canadian Bond needs?

  • Competitive Rates
  • Intact is Canada’s largest surety company and largest property and casualty insurer
  • Intact is Canada’s most experienced provider of customs bonds and has specialized in customs bonds for over 25 years. 
  • Intact was one of the first companies to provide RPP bonds to the customs brokerage community for both resident and non-resident importers
  • Intact partners with and is a member of the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers, and is an active participant on the CARM security consultation working group
  • Intact provides customs bonds to importers in the United States of America through its subsidiary International Bond and Marine, a recognized customs bond expert in the United States
In addition to Intact’s online portal for Canadian Bonds, IB&M has also formed strategic partnerships with software providers and customs brokers along the US/Canada border to offer the most competitive DOT Bond and Warranty products for any/all non-conforming vehicle imports to the US to comply with NHTSA standards. We fully expect our efforts to comprehensively expand our services and continue to provide a one-stop solution to all logistics professionals both nationwide and abroad. 

If you’re interested in getting set up to issue Canadian Bonds or our DOT/Warranty products, please don’t hesitate to contact Jason Wieselman at-